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Choose from Solid or Themed Rugs & Carpets...

     Classroom carpets and rugs that are educational add so much to preschool, daycare, kindergarten, or church classroom. We offer the following manufacturers classroom rugs: Carpets for Kids, Joy Carpets, and Flagship Carpets. We have solid classroom carpets, seating rugs, faith based rugs, and SO much more!  All of our carpets are well-made and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They help with classroom management and learning. We offer calendar rugs, carpets squares, faith based/religious themes, alphabet/number carpets, and many more! 

We aslso invite you to shop our full line rug store at:

Classroom Carpets AtoZ

Solid Colored Rugs Themed Rugs & Carpets
FREE SHIPPING On all Themed Rugs & Carpets
Classroom Learning Rugs / Carpets

Classroom rugs/carpets are most often found in Early Childhood environments such as daycare, preschool, and kindergarten-second grade classrooms. Teachers find educational carpets to be decorative and helpful with teaching different concepts as well as classroom management.

Learning rugs come in a variety of themes, colors, sizes, and shapes. It is important to consider the size of the area available to place the rug as well as how many children will typically sit upon it at the same time. A 5ft 4in x 7ft 8in rug can comfortably seat approx. 20-25 children depending on their ages/size whereas a 7ft 8in x 10ft 9in can seat about 30-32.

You should also consider what you would like the rug to accomplish or teach. Are you simply looking for a cute rug to place in a nursery/infant room in a daycare center or church? Are you looking for a carpet that will keep preschool and kindergarten children organized and sitting in a particular spot during circle time?

Most classroom carpets come with a useful life warranty, stain protectors, anti-microbial protection, and safety standards to include flammability ratings- a few more things to consider when making your purchase. Teaching rugs are truly great investments. Not only can they change the overall look of a room at a very affordable price, but they will last for many years!


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